A Journey of Healing & Hope with Kevin Kling

Hosted By: Douglas County

The community is invited to attend a performance of Emmy-Award-winning storyteller Kevin Kling at 7 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 19, at the Lawrence Arts Center, 940 New Hampshire St. There is no cost to attend.

Kevin Kling is a nationally-recognized storyteller, playwright and NPR commentator from Minneapolis, Minnesota. He delivers hilarious, often tender tales about growing up in the Midwest, hopping freight trains, getting hit by lightning, and eating things before knowing what they are. 

Like many of us, Kevin is no stranger to adversity, trauma, and loss. He was born with one disabled arm; a midlife motorcycle accident paralyzed the other, and learning how to navigate chronic pain and complex PTSD became a daily feature of his life. But for Kevin, being able-bodied is always only a temporary condition, and while a broken heart may never be fully repaired, it can heal. 

Kevin’s stories offer insights about growing into loss, finding humor in the face of suffering, and maintaining a spirit of love and connection as we struggle to move forward.

Doors will open at 6:30 p.m. with resource tables from the following behavioral health partners: Bert Nash Community Mental Health Center, NAMI Douglas County, DCCCA Inc., Lawrence-Douglas County Public Health, Kansas Suicide Prevention Headquarters and Peer Support Specialists.

More about Kevin: http://www.kevinkling.com

The event is sponsored by Douglas County and the Sunflower Foundation.

A Journey of Healing & Hope with Storyteller and Humorist Kevin Kling