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Where To Vote

To see a list of precinct/polling locations, please visit our Elections Hub

There are three ways to vote in the General Election:

Learn more about the different ways to vote

1. Advanced Mail Voting Information

To receive an advance ballot you must apply. Find the online application here.

Ballot drop boxes are convenient secure boxes where you can drop your mail-in ballot beginning 20 days prior to an election. These boxes are checked daily by a non-partisan board of election officials. These boxes are secured and closed at 7PM on Election day.

  • Douglas County Courthouse, 1100 Massachusetts Street, Lawrence (see map)
  • Douglas County Clerk and Elections Office, 711 W. 23rd St, Lawrence (see map)
  • Baldwin City Hall, 803 Eighth St, Baldwin City (see map)
  • Treasurer Satellite-South Lawrence Office, 2000 West 31st Street, Lawrence (see map)
  • Eudora City Hall, 4 E 7th St, Eudora (see map)
  • Lecompton City Hall, 327 Elmore St, Lecompton (see map)

2. Early Voting In-Person

Early voting, in-person, will be taking place for the 2024 Primary Election, beginning on July 17th.

Notice: You must bring a valid ID to vote in-person. Click here more info on Kansas ID requirements.

County Election Office (see map)


July 17 to July 26 - 8AM to 5PM

July 29 to August 2 - 8AM to 6PM


August 3 - 9AM to 1PM

Last Day for Advanced Voting

Monday, August 5, 2024 (closes at noon by law) - 8AM to Noon

Lecompton Community Building (see map)


August 3 - 9AM to 1PM

Eudora City Hall (see map)


August 3 - 9AM to 1PM

Baldwin City Library (see map)


August 3 - 9AM to 1PM

3. Election Day In-Person

There are many precinct location in Douglas County. You'll need to determine your precinct using voter registration search.

Visit our Elections Hub to find your polling location