How can I obtain a Protection From Abuse Order?

To receive an order for Protection From Abuse (PFA) under K.S.A. 60-3101 et seq., you will need to file a PFA petition in the Douglas County District Court Clerk's office. Petitions are available in the self-help box outside the Clerk's office, or at the counter located inside the Clerk's office. There is no fee to file a PFA petition. You will be required to show proof of identification, in the form of a photo ID, so the clerk may notarize your signature.

In order to qualify for PFA protection, you must reside, or have resided, with the abuser, or have had a child with the abuser. A parent or other adult residing with a minor child may file for PFA protection on behalf of the child against another adult residing with the child or with the person filing for protection. You may use the PFA procedure only twice within any twelve (12) month period, except in an abuse of a minor case.

Once your petition is reviewed, the judge may grant temporary orders, including: a restraining order, possession of the residence, and child custody. These orders, if any, will remain in effect only until the hearing date set at the time the orders are issued. Hearings are set within twenty (20) days of the filing date. Filing a PFA petition does not guarantee that orders will be issued. For various reasons, the court may dismiss the petition and no further action will be taken.

If you have additional questions, please contact the Clerk's office at 785-832-5256.