How can I remove my name from telephone, mail and/or e-mail lists?

The Direct Marketing Association Consumer Assistance website contains detailed information about their free Mail and e-Mail Preference Services which are designed to reduce targeted advertising.

To receive less national advertising mail, you can register for the Direct Marketing Association's (DMA's) Mail Preference Service (MPS) and Electronic Mail Preference Service (e-MPS). The DMA is a private marketing association that is not directly regulated by Federal, State or local government. MPS collects consumer information and sells it to businesses. MPS requires, as a condition of using their consumer data, its members to use their name-removal service, and encourages all direct mail companies to use the list.

  • To remove your name and email from marketing lists instantly online, visit
  • You may also send a letter requesting your name and email removal to:
    • P.O. Box 282
    • Carmel, NY 10512

Please Note: Although you will see a great reduction in the unsolicited mail you receive, not all commercial mail will stop. You may continue to receive mail from companies with which you already do business, or companies that do not use MPS or e-MPS to clean their lists. Also, MPS only applies to home addresses, not business addresses.