Paying and Receiving Support

Court Trustee

7th Judicial District of Kansas

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Paying and Receiving Support

New address, phone or employment?

Pursuant to orders of the Court, it is your responsibility to keep the Court Trustee informed of any changes to your name, social security number, address, and employer including business address. This can be done by filling out the Court Trustee Information Form.  The Court requires that this form be updated within seven (7) days after any change in the party’s name, address, or employer including employer’s business address.

Making Child Support and Maintenance Payments

Mailing Payments

Please make your check or money order payable to "Kansas Payment Center". Do not send cash. Please include:

  • your full name, 
  • court order number including county identifier ("DG 01 D 123" or "DG 05 DM 123" depending on your case number)

Mailing Address

Kansas Payment Center

P.O. Box 758599

Topeka, KS 66675-8599

Important! It is critical you include the "DG" in your case number on your check or money order for proper and timely credit at the Kansas Payment Center.

You can download KPC payment coupons to send with your payment here.  You can find more information on the KPC website.

Bring Cash to the Trustee Office

For your convenience you may make cash payments in the office of the District Court Trustee or drop off your payment for mailing to the Kansas Payment Center.

Other Ways to Pay Online or With Cash

To get detailed information on how to pay online or make payments with cash visit the KPC Website.    

How Child Support Relates To Visitation

For information relating to the connection between visitation and the payment of child support (whether child support can be withheld due to lack of visitation or whether visitation can be withheld for failure to pay child support) visit Kansas Legal Services.