Emergency Management

Emergency Management
Emergency Management

Emergency Management

Vision Statement

The vision of Douglas County Emergency Management is that Douglas County, Kansas will be a community that is disaster aware and disaster prepared.

Mission Statement

The mission of Douglas County Emergency Management is to provide a comprehensive emergency management program to effectively mitigate against, prepare for, respond to, and recover from all types of major emergencies or disasters; and to educate and train Douglas County residents, responders, and governing officials so that a disaster’s impact on people, property, and communities is minimized.

This comprehensive emergency management program includes four focus areas; Support Systems, Stakeholder Readiness, and Community Resilience ensure the overall Operations and operational readiness of the EM Program. This approach guides the Strategic Plan.

Support Systems include administrative and technological processes and systems that support the remaining three focus areas – Stakeholder Readiness, Community Resilience, and Operations. In addition to human capital and program strategy, support systems include:

  • Budget and Finance
  • Facilities and Equipment 
  • Technology
  • Policies, Procedures and Processes
  • Staff training and professional development

Stakeholder Readiness comprises anything that ensures the preparedness of the county’s emergency and disaster response organizations. This includes the development and maintenance of a comprehensive Local Emergency Operations Plan that establishes a coordinated response and recovery effort for any disaster that may occur or threaten Douglas County. Stakeholder Readiness also consists of:

  • Training and Exercises (disaster simulations)
  • Program Support
  • Continuity of Operations Planning and other planning support for all phases of emergency management (preparedness, mitigation, response and recovery)
  • Support and coordination of the Local Emergency Planning Committee

Community Resilience includes both the preparedness of our community individuals, families, and institutions, as well as the overall community’s capacity to respond to and recover from a disaster. Hazard mitigation, which is any effort to reduce the threat or impact of a disaster, is part of community resilience. Other areas in this focus include:

Operations and operational readiness are supported by Support Systems, Stakeholder Readiness, and Community Resilience. For Emergency Management, Operations includes two areas: 

  • Response: Response is event-driven and includes field operations and incident support, 24/7 watch, resource acquisition, and information coordination through the Emergency Operations Center.  
  • Recovery: Actions taken to return a community to normal or near-normal conditions, including the restoration of basic services and the repair of physical, social and economic damages. Recovery includes  the coordination of state and federal resources and local volunteer efforts, as well as disaster documentation and the development and execution of a recovery plan for affected communities in the county.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Everbridge system is provided for free to Douglas County residents by a grant through the NE Region Homeland Security Council. The system also is being utilized by a number of counties throughout the region.

The call notification system uses your location to send messages. For example, weather alerts are sent to you only when your location is included within the issued weather product. Your address also allows the county(s) you wish to receive alerts… Read More

The Northeast Kansas Regional Notification System will send you a severe thunderstorm / tornado warning alert only if an address you list within your account is within that specific warning. If your address(es) is outside of that warning, you will… Read More

Everbridge is a “confirm and quit” system meaning that once you confirm receipt of the message, the system will not use other methods of notification to reach you.

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