Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Our most current high-resolution imagery, which is displayed on the Property Viewer, was taken in Spring 2022.

Before installing a fence on your property, you should know your property’s boundaries as well as any easements that are reserved for specific uses like storm water drainage or public utilities. You can get an idea of where your boundaries are by looking at our interactive Property Viewer, but…

No. No tape, staples, nails, tacks, putty, command strips, etc. is allowed to be placed on the walls.

Please read the Fairgrounds Guides & Usage Policies to determine if you are eligible for waived fees. If eligible, your group will still be responsible for: providing insurance (if required), provide a…

No. Unfortunately, those documents are not the same thing. Please submit the 501c3 Determination Letter issued by the State of Kansas.

You can contact the Douglas County Extension Office, also known as the Douglas County Fairgrounds at:

  • Douglas County Extension Office
  • Address: 2110 Harper, Lawrence, Kansas 66046
  • Phone: 785-843-7058
  • Fax: 785-843-6745
  • Website: http…

Visit or call the Douglas County Extension Office at 785-843-7058

Call for availability. Set-up and cleanup are included in the reservation. Additional time for set up or clean-up may be granted at an hourly rate providing that no other reservation has been made during the times requested.

We accept checks, money orders or cash only.

Please visit for more information about the Culinary Commons Commercial Kitchen located in Building #21 on the Fairgrounds.

Deposits and rental fees are due 30 days prior to the event date.

You can park in any designated parking area on the Fairgrounds. Parking is first come, first serve.

Information about the Fairgrounds Facilities can be found on the Fairgrounds Rental Information page. For additional information please call 785-832-5296 or send an email to…

Partially filled-out applications will be stored for up to 7 days after the initial account creation. After 7 days, you're application would be deleted from our system, and you would then need to fill out a new application.

No. Once you've submitted your application to a job opening with a specific Job ID, you cannot re-apply to that same job opening. You can however track the status of that job opening under the 'Job Tracker' section on your application's home page.

No applications that are mailed, faxed, or brought into the Personnel Dept. will be accepted unless extenuating circumstances exist.

You can put one or more jobs next to "Job(s) applied for" at the top-left of the paper application. Therefore, you are not required to fill out one application for each position applied for.

After the initial account creation, you will then have up to 7 days to complete your application and apply for at least one position. Otherwise, you're application will be deleted from our system, and you would then need to fill out a new application.

To apply for one or more positions with Douglas County, Kansas, you must:

View Current Job Openings

Review jobs by visiting the 'Current Job Openings' page.

Apply Online

Apply online by visiting the 'Online…

You can track the status of all job opening that you've previously applied for under the 'Job Tracker' section on the very bottom of your application's home page.

To get help with the Online Employment Application, you can contact the Human Resources at

Yes. You can always review and edit your application as long as it's stored in our system. It is suggested that you complete all editing *before* submitting it to a job opening.

Your Online Employment Application will be stored indefinitely as long as you continue to apply for new positions with Douglas County, Kansas.

There are four sections to the one-page Online Employment Application, including:

1: Job Application includes:


  • Contact Info
  • Questionnaire
  • Driver's License Info (optional)
  • Availability
  • Employment…

 Required settings include: JavaScript enabled and an up-to-date browser version.