Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The registered owner of a car, light truck, or motorcycle may apply for a personalized license plate by providing the current registration receipt for their vehicle, two to four choices for lettering, and payment of the special plate application fee. The fee to order a personalized plate is $45.…

A properly assigned title, proof of insurance, the signature of the purchaser and the current fee are needed to get a 60 day permit. A properly completed transfer of ownership agreement (TR-39A) from the dealership may also be used, along with proof of insurance and the current fee.…

If the payment is for real estate, you have until May 9th to still pay the first half with interest. If the payment is for personal property, the full amount plus interest becomes due on December 21st.

If the first half of the personal property taxes are not paid by December 20th, the full tax amount plus interest becomes due starting December 21st. Delinquent notices for personal property are sent out the middle of February. If they are not paid, then warrants are issued. Warrants are…

If the first half of the current year real estate taxes are not paid by December 20th, interest will start accruing December 21st.

If the mortgage company was to have paid these taxes, the homeowner must inform them that the Douglas County Treasurer's Office did not…

If the seller does not give the buyer a properly assigned title and cannot be located, the buyer must consult with an attorney and go to court to obtain a court order authorizing the Kansas Department of Revenue to title the vehicle in the name of the petitioner (quiet title action).…

You will need to contact the Appraiser's Office at: 785-832-5289. Be prepared to provide the proper documentation regarding any transactions.

If a homeowner has an escrow account for their real estate taxes with a mortgage company, the mortgage company should receive the tax statement.  If, however, the homeowner does receive the tax statement instead of the mortgage company we ask the homeowner to forward it to their…

A motorized bicycle is defined in KSA 8-126(aa) as, a device having two tandem wheels OR three wheels, which may be propelled by either human power, helper power, or by both, and which has ALL OF THE FOLLOWING:

  1. A motor which produces not more than 3.5 brake horsepower; *and*

You have the right to appeal the appraised value or the classification (the use) assigned to your property. Each year is a new valuation. If you have an appeal pending for the prior tax year, to preserve your rights for the current year, you must appeal the current year’s valuation. A…

If a taxpayer is to receive a statement but does not by the end of November for 1st Half or the middle of April for 2nd Half, please contact the Douglas County Treasurer's office at (785) 832-5178 so we can send a duplicate statement and verify billing information.  Tax Statements can…

First half taxes are due December 20th. Second half taxes are due May 10th

First half taxes are due December 20th. Second half taxes are due May 10th.

Real Estate properties are eligible for foreclosure proceedings 2 years and 10 months after the property has been “bid over to the county”.   The bid process occurs the first Tuesday in September after taxes become delinquent.

  • Homeowners should receive their real estate and personal property tax statements for the current year by the middle part of November.
  • If only the first half of the current year taxes are paid in December, the second half statements are mailed out in April.…

As directed by KSA 19-547, a listing of all delinquent personal property taxes will be published three consecutive weeks during the month of October.

As directed by KSA 79-2303, a listing of all delinquent real estate properties will be published three consecutive weeks during the month of August.

For current information on county tax sales, please check our Tax Foreclosures page. For information on sales handled by the Sheriff's Office, please visit the Sheriff Sales page.

Any of our three locations:

  1. 1100 Massachusetts (8-5) M – F **
  2. 31st and Iowa – 2000 W. 31st St. Suite B (8-5) M – F **
  3. Baldwin Satellite Office

** Indicates outside drop box is available at these two locations.

The Douglas County Treasurer doesn't process any Driver's License. You can apply for a driver's license with the Driver's License Examiner at:

Douglas County Driver's License Examiner

  • Location: I-70 Business Center
  • Address…

Commercial Motor Vehicles Services are now available in Douglas County!

Please e-mail to find out how to get vehicles registered.


For a detailed explanation of Kansas Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) and USDOT requirements go to Kansas…

  • I-70 Business Park
  • 1035 N 3rd Street Suite 107
  • Lawrence KS 66044
  • 785-842-4759

And: All persons listed before and after the "and" must sign. &/or: Either the person before or after the "& / or", "and / or" can sign, only one signature required. Or: Either the person before or after the "or" can sign, only one…

When registering a moped, heavy truck or trailer, you are only paying for the registration fees on that item.   Personal property taxes are billed separately through the County.  These statements are mailed out mid November and the beginning of April.