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Grow Your Business

Check out these resources in Lawrence and Kansas to help you launch and grow your food business!

Licensing, Food Production, and Food Safety

Food Safety Training

Susan Johnson can work with you to schedule basic training to build your food safety knowledge and practices.

Douglas County Master Food Volunteers

The Douglas County Master Food Volunteers Program provides education on food safety, food science, food preparation, and food preservation. After completing the training, volunteers are required to provide 40 hours of education and service to give back to the community. This is a great way to get engaged in the local food community!

Susan Johnson, County Extension Agent | 785-843-7058

The Kansas Department of Food Safety provides information about obtaining a business license to sell food, the current Kansas Food Code, and other food safety protocol.

Incubator Kitchen Resource Guide, a directory of the available incubator kitchens (including Culinary Commons) throughout the state of Kansas.

Steve Moris, Program Manager of Food Safety and Lodging | 785-564-6767

The Kansas Value Added Foods Lab can help you develop your product safely and under current health regulations.  Resources at here include a “How-To” guide to selling at a Farmer’s Market, methods developing new food products, and FDA regulations essential to your food business.

Dr. Fadi Armani, Kansas Food “Process Authority” on low acid and acidified foods

Dr. Armani can provide you with educational programs on Good Manufacturing Practices, sanitation, and recalls.  He also can deliver one-on-one assistance for development and implementation of food processing programs. | 785-532-1668

Dr. Elizabeth Boyle, Extension Meat Specialist

Dr. Boyle can work with you to enhance the quality and safety of meat products.  She can also provide scientific and technical assistance for meat processing. | 785-532-1247

Business Planning & Marketing

Located in downtown Lawrence, the KU Small Business Development Center helps with the growth of small businesses in Kansas.  They can provide you with free one-on-one consultations to help you understand your costs, organize your record keeping, and plan for smart business growth.

718 New Hampshire, Lawrence, KS 66044 | 785-843-8844

Kristina Mease, Regional Director

Christian Hopkins, Business Advisor

Carrie Poe, Business Advisor

A state-wide branding program from the Kansas Department of Agriculture, From the Land of Kansas provides business development tips and marketing assistance for food entrepreneurs. Upon joining From the Land of Kansas, members will receive help promoting their Kansas products. | 785-564-6759

Janelle Dobbins, From the Land of Kansas Marketing Manager    

Slow Money Northeast Kansas is an organization that supports local farmers and food entrepreneurs.  The “slow money” idea means providing low-interest loans to local businesses that feed the community healthy, safe, agriculturally-sustainable, locally-grown foods. Slow Money Northeast Kansas aims to connect local investors to food entrepreneurs to keep money local and provide “patient capita". |

Douglas County’s Food Policy Council is a political advisory group to the City of Lawrence and Douglas County Commissions, composed of a group of appointed local stakeholders committed to improving access to local food supply and distribution networks.  The Food Policy Council worked with Culinary Commons entrepreneurs in 2013 to improve kitchen policies to better suit the needs of users, and led the re-branding of the kitchen in 2015 to become Culinary Commons.

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