Commission Board Meeting on Fri, August 29, 2003 - 9:00 AM

Meeting Information

  • Convene
  • Canvass Special Election (Eudora)
  • Consider approval of recommendation for exterior restoration of Courthouse and Judicial & Law Enforcement Center (Jackie Waggoner)

The Board of County Commissioners of Douglas County met in special session with McElhaney and Jones present. Johnson was absent. The purpose of the special meeting was to canvass the results of the Eudora Special Election, which was held on Tuesday, August 26, 2003.

Jones made a motion to appoint Kay Pesnell, Deputy Register of Deeds, to serve as a canvasser in the absence of Commissioner Johnson; McElhaney seconded and the motion carried.

Jo Dalquest, Deputy County Clerk, reported there were 19 provisional ballots. Dalquest made the recommendation that the Board count 12 of the provisional ballots. These were cast by individuals that had either moved and had not re- registered, or went to the wrong precinct. Dalquest then recommended that the remaining 6 not be counted. These were ballots that either did not have signa tures or were first time registrants. Jones made the motion to approve Dalquest's recommendations, seconded by McElhaney and carried unanimously.

No errors were found.

The Board discussed bids received for the exterior restoration of the Douglas County Courthouse and Judicial & Law Enforcement Center. Jones moved approval of the low bid submitted by Commercial Waterproofing, Kansas City, MO, in the amount of $36,995 and authorized Craig Weinaug, County Adminis trator, or Pam Madl, Director of Administrative Services, to authorize change orders up to 10% of the total cost. Motion was seconded by McElhaney and carried.

McElhaney moved for adjournment, Jones seconded and the motion carried.

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Jere McElhaney, Member                     Charles Jones, Member


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Patty Jaimes, County Clerk                    Kay Pesnell, Register of Deeds


County Courthouse
1100 Massachusetts St, Lawrence, KS 66044, USA