Commission Board Special Meeting Tue, Jul 16 2024 9:00 AM

Meeting Information

The public is encouraged to join our County Commission meetings in person or live using Zoom. Agendas for public meetings, along with the materials associated with those meeting agendas, will continue to be available ahead of the meeting on the County’s website, and recordings of the County Commission meetings will be posted on the County’s website after the meeting. Individuals may sign up to receive notification of the agenda for County Commission meetings on the County’s website as well.

There are three methods to provide Public Comment

Written Public Comment:  Written public comments for items on the agenda must be provided in writing no later than 24 hours ahead of the scheduled meeting start time. Comments received in that timeframe will be posted with the agenda materials. Comments received after that timeframe will not be posted with the agenda materials. Please email written public comment to If email is not available, written comments may be placed in the County’s information drop box in the south parking lot adjacent to the Courthouse.

Via Zoom: For applicants and meeting participants: If an applicant or member of the public wishes to make live public comments, they may do so remotely or in person at the meeting. Those wishing to participate remotely with public comment, will be accommodated via web conference (requires internet connection) or telephone. Instructions are listed below on how to raise your hand on Zoom. Commenters will be called upon by name to provide comments during the live meeting and all regular time limits will apply.

For public comment on agenda items or general public comment: General public comment for items of County business not on the agenda will be taken under that section of the agenda. If a participant on the zoom call would like to speak, they need to utilize the “Raise your hand” function on zoom. The meeting host will indicate they can speak. We ask that speakers give their names and address for the minutes. The County reserves the right to shut off the microphone and remove any speaker from the meeting if they are vulgar, rude, or inappropriate.

In Person: The County Commission meeting room will be available for an in-person viewing of the meeting or in-person public comment on certain agenda items, as mentioned above.

Join the Zoom meeting for Tuesday, July 16, 2024 for Budget Deliberations at 9:00 a.m.
1. Follow this link:     Please click this URL to join.

2. Use the meeting ID (if necessary): Meeting ID: 966 8227 8316


3. Dial this number +1 253 215 8782 and put in the Meeting ID: 966 8227 8316

If you are new to Zoom, please see the detailed Zoom instructions. Zoom allows you to listen and/or watch the County Commission meeting live on a tablet, smartphone or computer. The County Commission chamber is open for public comment and for anyone that does not have access to a computer device such as smart phone, computer or tablet.

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