Heritage Conservation Council (HCC) Meeting on Thu, July 3, 2014 - 7:00 PM

Meeting Information

7:00 - Meeting kick-off

  • Review and approve agenda
  • Review and approve minutes of June 5, 2014

7:20 - Historic Resources Survey Committee

  • Dale Nimz Final report, SHPO comments, public meeting
  • HPF 2014 grant RFP for intensive surveys--recommendations
  • HCC 2014 recon surveys—recommendations

Certified Local Government Committee

  • HPF 2014 grant-NAPC Forum Philadelphia July 2014

EBI Consulting Communications/Outreach Committee

  • HCC website redesign
  • 2014-2015 Planning Calendar

8:00 - 2013 Heritage Grants:

  • Spreadsheet of grant status
  • Project updates

2014 Heritage Grants:

  • Spreadsheet of grant status
  • Disbursements/agreements

8:30 - Future tasks

Next meeting August 7, 2014

8:40 - Adjourn

Minutes recorded by Bobbi Rahder, Program Manager

Members Present: Julia Manglitz, Ken Grotewiel, Larry McElwain, Shelley Hickman   Clark, Michael Thompson, Lori Hutfles

Members Absent: Dennis Domer

7:00 pm - Meeting kick-off

  • Reviewed and approved agenda
  • Reviewed and approved June 5, 2014 minutes as revised.

7:20 pm - Historic Resources Survey Committee  

Michael, Dennis, and Bobbi met July 2nd to discuss the goals of the Historic Survey Committee and make recommendations to the HCC. These recommendations include:

  • Discussing the Council’s long range planning goals as well as considering Katrina Ringler’s suggestions to work toward long term preservation goals.
  • Dale Nimz' final report for the 2013 HPF grant on the historic survey of Wakarusa Township
  • Posting the RFP for the 2014 HPF grant to conduct intensive surveys of Eudora and Kanwaka Townships
  • Extending Dale Nimz’ current contract to conduct reconnaissance surveys of Palmyra Township
  • The Council agreed by consensus to hold off making any long term preservation goals until all of the townships have been surveyed. The Council approved by consensus accepting Nimz’ 2013 grant report of Wakarusa Township, extending Nimz’ contract to conduct recon surveys in Palmyra Township, and posting the RFP to do intensive surveys in Eudora and Palmyra Townships. The Council discussed developing partnerships with area organizations for future projects.

7:50 pm - Certified Local Government Committee

Bobbi described the NAPC Forum in Philadelphia PA that Shelley, Lynne Zollner, Stan Hernly and she will attend as part of the 2014 HPF grant on July 16-20. Bobbi asked the Council how to deal with the notices of the EBI Consulting Company that is required to report planned construction in Douglas County. The Council decided they don't have the staff required to respond to these reports but the SHPO does. Bobbi will forward any future notices to the Council for their information.


8:10 pm - Communications/Outreach Committee

Bobbi reported that she is working on the redesign of the HCC website according to the new County website's guidelines. Ken offered to help. Julia created a planning calendar to keep track of the work of the committees and project and grant deadlines.

Bobbi reported that several grant recipients would like to participate in the Freedom's Frontier Final Fridays event on October 31st. Bobbi reminded the Council that the CLG Training and the Kansas Preservation Conference will take place Sept. 11-12 in Emporia, KS. There are scholarships available to help with travel expenses. Bobbi will ask Katrina Ringler at SHPO if it is required that CLG members attend this training.

8:25 pm - 2011-2013 Heritage Grants

Bobbi reported on the status of the 2011-2013 grant projects. Julia made new excel spreadsheets of the 2014 grant projects.

Project updates:

  • 2011—waiting on Black Jack final report
  • 2012—Eudora Interim Report will be e-mailed to members, Ben Terwilliger will attend  Aug. 7th Council meeting to answer questions
  • 2012—no report from Midland
  • 2013—Clearfield installing ceiling tile. Asked for extension until July 30. Council approved by consensus the extension.
  • 2013--Baldwin Woods—mineral rights issues on some properties.
  • 2013--Turnhalle, Lawrence Preservation Alliance. Turnhalle Open House June 29th.  Just waiting on punch out and final report.

8:45 - 2014 Heritage Grants

Bobbi reported that the County Accounts Payable office is short staffed. The disbursements for the first 30% of the grant funds have not been made yet.

Future Tasks:

Review the Heritage Grant Program Guidelines. Get input from Nancy Thellman and the Douglas County Commissioners on any revisions. The Council will discuss these revisions at the August 7th meeting.  At the October meeting, the Council will consider making any changes to the Heritage Grant Program, and recommend any changes to the Commission by November 2014.

Next meeting August 7, Douglas County Courthouse

9:01 pm - Meeting adjourned 


Douglas County Courthouse
1100 Massachusetts Street, Lawrence, KS 66044, USA