Heritage Conservation Council (HCC) Meeting on Thu, September 4, 2014 - 7:00 PM

Meeting Information

7:00 - Meeting kick-off

Review and approve agenda (copies)

Review and approve minutes of July 3, 2014 (copies)

7:05 - Heritage Grant Program

  • Commissioner Nancy Thellman and Sarah Plinsky
  • Council discussion of strengths and weaknesses in grant program and evaluation process


7:45 - 2012 - Eudora Interim Report submitted by Ben Terwilliger

8:00 - Historic Resources Survey Committee

  • 2013 HPF Grant Completion Report Survey of Wakarusa Township
  • HPF 2014 grant survey of Eudora and Kanwaka Townships RFP posted and bids opened
  • HCC funded 2014 recon surveys of Palmyra and Grant Townships—Dale Nimz contract extension approved and signed

8:10 - Certified Local Government Committee

  • HPF 2014 education grant –Report on NAPC Forum, plans for workshop
  • 2014 CLG Training and Kansas Preservation Conference Sept. 11-12, Emporia, scholarships available

8:20 - Communications/Outreach Committee

  • HCC website redesign
  • Freedom’s Frontier Final Fridays at Carnegie  Bldg. October 31st
  • Watkins Museum collaboration

8:30 - 2011-2013 Heritage Grants:

  • Spreadsheet of grant status (copies)
  • Project updates:
    • 2011 - Black Jack final report
    • 2012 - Midland update
    • 2013 - Clearfield final report
    • 2013 - Baldwin Woods update
    • 2013 - Turnhalle Building, LPA final report
  • 2014 - Heritage Grants
    • Spreadsheet of grant status (copies)
    • River Kings interim report
    • Turkey Red interim report

8:50 - Future tasks:

                 Next meeting October 2, 2014, Conference Room, Carnegie Building

9:00 - Adjourn

Minutes recorded by Bobbi Rahder, Program Manager

Members Present:  Julia Manglitz, Ken Grotewiel, Shelley Hickman Clark, Michael Thompson

Members Absent: Larry McElwain, Dennis Domer, Lori Hutfles

Guests: Commissioner Nancy Thellman, Sarah Plinsky, Ben Terwilliger, Dennis Brown, Mike Goans, Brian Hall

7:00 pm - Meeting kick-off

  • Reviewed and approved agenda
  • Reviewed and approved July 3, 2014 minutes as revised.

7:05 - Heritage Grant Program

  • Commissioner Nancy Thellman and Sarah Plinsky

Commissioner Thellman said the County Commission has an interest in making changes to the Heritage Grant Program guidelines because they feel the guidelines are too broad. They want to make it clear to the taxpayers that benefit to the public is easily identifiable. When the Heritage Grant Program was initiated in 2011, the Task Force wanted a flexible and open process. The Commissioners now want the grants that are approved to keep the projects and people working on the projects within Douglas County. The Commissioners also have some questions about giving grants to private individuals with little public benefit. The County Commissioners would like the agencies funded by Douglas County to work together to share resources. They encourage these agencies to leverage their committed funding and still be able to apply to the Heritage Grant Program. They also want to make sure that the Heritage Grant guidelines emphasize that the grantee has gone through all local processes before asking for a grant.

County Commissioners suggest:


  • Increased emphasis/weighting on a clear public benefit and community impact
  • Increased emphasis/weighting on partnership and collaboration with local agencies
  • Increased emphasis/weighting on feasibility
  • The highest criteria of “providing a substantial benefit to the conservation of natural and cultural resources” seems more like a minimum qualification


  • Groups or individuals who live and/or partner with Douglas County agencies. It is important that the funds “stay local.”
  • Individuals should be required to partner with a local agency in order to receive the funds. The agency holds the funds.

Heritage Council members discussed the suggestions. They agreed to reevaluate and consider any revisions for the next grant cycle.

Before Oct. 2nd meeting, Council members will consider:

  1. Eligibility
  2. Criteria
    • Are there other criteria we want to weigh besides cultural and historic?
    • Is matching important?
    • Is there some other goal we need to emphasize?
    • Are there criteria missing from the list? National Landmark or highly significant?
    • Is applicant status something that should change? Should partnerships or non-profit status be preferred?
    • Does public access or benefit need to be emphasized or more clearly defined?
  3. Agreement
    • Should we make more conditions?
    • Want to reconsider under $5,000 grants made in one payment?
  4. Reports
    • The guidelines currently require one interim and one final report. Are we getting the information we need, especially about leveraging?

After discussing at the Oct. 2nd meeting, the Council will make recommendations to the County Commission in November. Once approved by the Commission, then guidelines can be finalized in December, and made available to the public in January 2015. Council members are requested to send suggestions to Bobbi so she can combine them all for the Council to consider before the Oct. 2nd meeting.

8:01 - 2012 Eudora Interim Report, Ben Terwilliger

Ben talked about recent developments since the July 3rd interim report was submitted. Ben referred to the list in the first report and list of projects. The Council asked Ben if the KSHS has been told of the plans after the nomination of state register to make sure in they are compliance with the Department of Interior standards. Ben said they are doing the feasible parts of the Hernly plans. The Council members asked if architectural drawings that have been stamped, signed, and sealed by the architect or engineer for city permits have been reviewed by the State Historical Society. Council members suggested Ben work closely with KSHS staff to make sure changes meet Secretary of Interior Standards. Ben said the moving date is October 16th so this is a top priority to complete. Ben will talk with KSHS staff Kim Gant and let the Council know. Council members said they are impressed with the number of volunteers who are helping and the fundraising accomplished. Council wants a letter or e-mail that says KSHS has reviewed the plans and approved them. Council suggests a KSHS site visit and plans of construction before going forward.

8:36 - Historic Resources Survey Committee

  • The 2013 HPF Grant Completion Report and Reimbursement Request for the Surveys of Wakarusa Township are almost complete. When it is completed, the report will be scanned and sent to HCC members and submitted to SHPO.
  • The Request for Proposals for intensive surveys of Eudora and Kanwaka Townships funded by the 2014 HPF grant was posted and advertised and two proposals were received. The Historic Survey Committee will consider these proposals, interview applicants, and make a recommendation to the Heritage Council and County Commissioners.
  • The contract with Dale Nimz was extended and signed by County Commissioners to conduct recon surveys of Palmyra and Grant Townships.         

8:46 - Certified Local Government Committee

  • Shelley reported on the NAPC Forum that she, Stan Hernly, Lynne Zollner, and Bobbi attended in Philadelphia in July. Bobbi said she and Lynne are in the process of planning an educational workshop to share what was learned at the Forum.
  • Certified Local Government training will be held Sept. 11th in Emporia, KS, as part of the Kansas Preservation Conference. The Heritage Council is considered a CLG and members are required to get training once a year. Council members asked Bobbi to find out if other training opportunities are offered.

9:00 - Communications/Outreach Committee

  • Bobbi reported that the County’s new website is not live yet, but the site is on a live server at https://dgcoks.gov/. The HCC site is at https://dgcoks.gov/hcc/. That will end up being the permanent URL. address for the county. Ken offered to work with Bobbi to finish editing the HCC website.
  • Bobbi reported there are four grant project organizations who have agreed to participate in the Freedom’s Frontier Final Friday event on Oct. 31st.
  • Bobbi is working with the Watkins Museum staff to plan some outreach activities.

9:20 - 2011-2013 Heritage Grants

  • Spreadsheet of grant status shows which grants are complete.
  • The 2011 Heritage Grant Program is now closed out, since Black Jack turned in their Final Report and received the last grant fund disbursement.
  • Bobbi reported she has not received a response from Midland Railway about their 2012 grant progress.
  • Clearfield School has turned in their final report on their 2013 Heritage Grant project and received their final grant fund disbursement.
  • Baldwin Woods 2013 Heritage Grant project is still pursuing mineral rights reports. Dr. Busby requested a deadline extension. The Council agreed by consensus to give them an extension until February 2015.
  • Mike Goans and Dennis Brown told the Council the Lawrence Preservation Alliance has completed their final report and they set aside funds to create educational signage about grant project. They have a potential buyer for the Turnhalle Building and he is considering 100% public access. Council agreed by consensus to approve the final report and to issue their final 10% grant funds.

9:24 - 2014 Heritage Grants

  • The spreadsheet shows the status of these grants
  • Bobbi reported the first grant disbursements were sent out in August
  • River Kings grant project turned in their interim report and Bobbi said she will forward to Council members.
  • Turkey Red grant project turned in their interim report and Bobbi said she will forward to Council members.

Future Tasks: Grant guidelines

Next meeting: Oct. 2 at the Carnegie Building conference room, 200 W. 9th St.

9:32 - Meeting adjourned


Douglas County Courthouse
1100 Massachusetts Street, Lawrence, KS 66044, USA