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For Chemical Sales and Equipment Rental

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Chemical Sales and Equipment Rental

Chemical application is an important part of Noxious Weed Control program, care needs to be exercised to protect all types of crops. These crops include Row Crops, Organic Crops, Sensitive Crops and Range/Grassland. Douglas County encourages treatment of Noxious Weeds at appropriate times. Please make yourself aware of sensitive crops in your area by visiting the Sensitive Crop Registry and Locations page.

Herbicide Sales

Chemicals may be sold outside the dates shown below with the Noxious Weed Supervisor's permission. 

Please call 785-331-1322 to schedule an appointment to purchase the following chemicals. 24 hours advanced notice is preferred. 

BrandDates SoldCan Be Used to Treat 
24-D Amine/ 24-D cholineMarch 1st - November 15thMusk Thistle, Bindweed 
Tordon 22k - (Restricted Use)March 1st - July 1st and August 31st – November 15thMusk Thistle, Bindweed 
MilestoneMarch 1st - November 15th,Musk Thistle, Bindweed 
GlyphosateMay 15th - November 15thJohnsongrass, Bindweed 
PasturegardMay 1st - November 15thSericea Lespedeza 
EscortMay 1st - November 15thSericea Lespedeza 

Equipment Rental

Douglas County will rent sprayers to county residents to assist in the spraying of noxious weeds. The sprayers can be rented from the Douglas County Public Works Shop located at 3755 East 25th Street, Lawrence, KS 66046. Please call 785-331-1322 to schedule a rental. 24 hours advanced notice is preferred.

The rental costs are $40 per day or $60 per weekend.

The county has (3) 300 gallon pull type sprayers available on a first come first serve basis.


For Herbicide and Equipment Rental

Hours: Mon-Fri, 7am - 3:30pm

Phone: 785-331-1322