Heavy Farm Trucks and Other Trailers


Heavy Farm Trucks and Other Trailers

Heavy trucks are registered for more than 12,000 lbs. The minimum heavy truck weight is 16,000 lbs. Any truck registered for more than 54,000 lbs MUST provide the county with their Heavy Use Form 2290 prior to renewal or registration. The minimum weight for trailers is 8,000 lbs. Heavy truck and trailer renewal time is from January 2nd through the last day of February, at which time the registration fees will be collected. Personal property taxes for the trucks and trailers are also collected through the Treasurer's office, with the first half due date of December 20th and second half May 10th.

Important Notes:

  • If you sell your mobile home, boat, trailer, moped, or Farm truck over 12,000 lbs., you will need to contact the County Appraiser at 785-832-5288 to have it removed from the tax rolls.
  • EIN is now required to file Form 2290; social security numbers are no longer accepted.

IRS Form 2290 - Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax Form (PDF)Instructions (PDF)
IRS EIN Application Site


List of Kansas Truck Weigh Stations

The weight sticker for trailers must cover the trailer itself, plus whatever is inside (fully loaded). Heavy truck weight stickers must cover the truck itself, fully loaded, plus the trailer, fully loaded. If you are unsure of the weight, please visit a scale near you:

Weigh Station NameHighway/RouteMile MarkerTruck Scale Location
Station 5AI 70 - Westbound Kansas City (East of the toll gates)
Station 17ART 96 Crestline (Junction of KS 96 and US 69A)
Station 21WI 70 - Westbound329.5Wabaunsee (1 mile West of McFarland)
Station 22WI 70 - Eastbound329.5Wabaunsee (1 mile West of McFarland)
Station 23RT 75 - Caney (State line)  
Station 23W (Olathe)I 35 - Northbound213Olathe (5 miles South of Olathe)
Station 24W (Olathe)I 35 - Southbound213Olathe (5 miles South of Olathe)
Station 26AI 35 - South Haven (South end of turnpike)  
Station 37ART 54 - Liberal (5 miles East of Liberal)  
WordenRT 56 59 - Worden (At the junction of Route 56 and 59 between Lawrence and Ottawa)  
Station 46I 70 - Eastbound0.5Kanorado (near Colorado border)
Station 58Belleville