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Conservation Resources

Learn more about resources that are available to support local heritage conservation in Douglas County, beyond our Natural and Cultural Grant Program. On this page you’ll find resources that are available to help you navigate the historic listing process, where to learn more about Douglas County’s history and heritage, and information about how to reconnect with and explore our county’s beautiful natural landscape.  

Historic Resource Surveys and Guide

An initiative of the Heritage Conservation Office is the facilitation of a comprehensive county-wide historic survey. Survey is the process of identifying and evaluating a community's historic architectural resources and survey information is necessary to plan for preservation. The step-by-step approach of the comprehensive inventory of unincorporated Douglas County was completed in 2021.

The information gained from the surveys can be reviewed here:

  1. Surveyed property data can be viewed on the Interactive Map of the Kansas Historic Resources Inventory. Zoom in to Douglas County to see and learn more about all the properties that were inventoried though the survey process.
  2. In-depth reports detailing the results of the surveys were drafted as a final product are available for download below. These reports contain the results of the survey, the historic context of the region by which these structures were built, and recommendations for how to ensure the preservation of these resources.

The Heritage Conservation Office recognizes that the telling of history and heritage reflected in the architectural and historic preservation contexts do not reflect the entirety of human heritage in Douglas County. Historic structures are just one piece of much larger story of our collective heritage. 

Survey Reports

Rural Historic Resources Guide, Douglas County

The primary objectives of Rural Historic Resources Guide, Douglas County are to 1) provide a comprehensive report of heritage resources in the county (synthesizing the multiple surveys completed between 2011-2021 into one document) and 2) organize, assess, and identify potential goals and opportunities for the Heritage Conservation Council and staff to promote and enhance rural historic resources. 

Rural Historic Resources Guide, Douglas County will be utilized by the Heritage Conservation Council to prioritize and identify initiatives and programming to support rural historic preservation in Douglas County. This guide will be an asset in informing future and ongoing planning efforts, such as the Open Space Plan.

National Register of Historic Places and Benefits of Listing

The Douglas County Heritage Conservation Office has led historic resource surveys throughout rural Douglas County, identifying over 2,800 structures, about 1,000 of which are eligible for historic listing. Check out the Interactive Map of the Kansas Historic Resources Inventory to explore structures that have already been listed on the State and National Registers.

Do you own a historic property and considering listing on the historic register? Structures in rural Douglas County are eligible for up to 40% back in state tax credits for eligible repairs and maintenance projects. See below for resources that can help guide you through the listing process.  

Cemetery Resources

Cemeteries Map - Card Image

Interactive Cemetery Map

Find specific cemeteries and get detailed information for each. Interact with over 60 cemeteries using a zoomable GIS layered map.

Tombstone - Card Image

Cemetery Conservation Video

This video will provide access to the full Heritage Conservation playlist on YouTube. Explore others in the video series "Tombstones on the Kansas Prairie" found here.

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Headstone Placement Video - Card Image

Resetting Ground Supporting Headstones

Grave markers may need to be reset for a variety of reasons. At Chalmette National Cemetery there are issues with the stones sinking and leaning. Credit: NCPTT

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