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Child and Spousal Support

This office can assist with:

  • Enforcement of child and maintenance support orders
  • Modification of child support orders
  • Notice to the parties of modification due to emancipation
  • Monitoring and review of child support orders for possibility of modification
  • Location of residence and employment of parent owing support
  • Establishment of child support orders where paternity  has previously been established by court order or in cases where no order for support was entered in the final divorce decree

Pursuant to the Seventh Judicial District’s Local Rule 17, all Douglas County District Court support cases are enforced by the Court Trustee, unless the case has been exempted by the Court. State or Federal law may also require enforcement by the Department for Children and Families-Child Support Enforcement office (DCF). The Court Trustee's Office is unable to provide information on a case enforced by DCF. If your case is enforced by DCF, please contact them directly at 1-888-757-2445.

The court may modify or change any prior order within three years of the date of the original order or a modification order, when a material change in circumstances is shown.

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Emancipation generally refers to the point at which a child is viewed as an adult in the eyes of the law.

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The Court Trustee is a local court office with an experienced staff. We are devoted to providing excellent customer service to the families we serve. Our staff can be reached directly by phone.  Contact the Paralegal or the Attorney handling your case by calling 785-832-5315.

The Court Trustee's office is funded (pursuant to Kansas law) through the collection of child and spousal support enforcement fees. The enforcement fee is 5% of the determined support amount and the fee is generally shared equally by the parties, so each party pays only 2.5%. No additional legal fees are assessed.

If you have an existing support order and wish to use our services, you must first fill out the application for Court Trustee Services.

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Customer Service is our specialty! The Court Trustee is a local office where you will receive personal attention. An attorney and paralegal are assigned to your case, and you may call and speak with them directly when you have a question. Important! You do not have to go through a call center and you can drop in at the Court Trustee's office, at your convenience without an appointment, and speak with staff.    

Because we are a local office dedicated to serving the citizens of Douglas County, staff can respond timely to changes in your lives and your child’s life. Support enforcement and modification matters are heard by a Pro Tem Judge in the Juvenile Division which was established to provide an expedited process. 

If your case is currently being enforced by the Kansas Department for Children and Families - Child Support Services (DCF), and you wish to use the Court Trustee services, you must first close your case with DCF.  If you receive certain services, YoungWilliams, the contractor for the DCF, automatically enforces your Douglas County child support case. These services include cash assistance (TANF), foster care, child care assistance, food assistance, and family medical assistance.  When you stop receiving these services, the DCF contractor will continue to enforce your child support case unless you request case closure. If you are no longer receiving services, and you prefer to use the enforcement services of the Court Trustee, you can make a request in writing to DCF to close your case.  Here is a letter you can use.  Upon receiving your letter, DCF will have a Notice of Termination of Assignment filed with the court. Once that notice is filed, the Court Trustee can start enforcing your child support case.

Please contact the Court Trustee regarding your individual situation before deciding to close your DCF child support enforcement case.

While the Court Trustee does not assist in obtaining an order for reimbursement of medical expenses, we have developed a form and instructions for you to use.

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If you are the person receiving child support, once you receive an Order from the Court awarding you a Judgment for unpaid medical expenses, you can bring that Judgment to the Court Trustee and we can add the amount awarded to the child support that we collect.  It will start earning interest the month after we receive it.

Although the District Court Trustee's office does not handle parenting time issues at all, we have provided a few forms that you might find useful.

Motion to Enforce Parenting Time/Visitation

​ Motion to Appear and Show Cause for Failure to Comply with Parenting Time

​ Parenting Plan

For information relating to the connection between visitation and the payment of child support (whether child support can be withheld due to lack of visitation or whether visitation can be withheld for failure to pay child support) visit Kansas Legal Services.

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