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Applications and Licenses

All CMB applications shall be made upon the forms prepared by the Office of the Attorney General and submitted to the city or county governing your business location. The city or county must verify each application then issues your license upon approval. All CMB licensees must be registered to collect and remit Kansas sales tax.

Please allow 30 days to complete the process

Cereal Malt Beverage Application information (This information is for businesses located in the rural parts of Douglas County. Any place of business within the corporate limits of any city should contact that City Clerk).

Transient Vendor:  A transient vendor is any person (individual, partnership or corporation) who does not maintain a residence or place of business in Kansas, but who brings property into the State to sell to consumers.

You can purchase licenses and permits at the Douglas County Clerk’s Office, with a toll-free telephone call, online from your home or office computer, or from one of more than 600 license vendors located around the state.

Below is a list of applications to use when applying for or renewing kansas fish and game licenses:

For information pertaining to hunter safety classes, please contact Sergeant Max Miller of the Lawrence Police Department at 785-832-3288.

Below is an application to use when applying for a hunter safety course: