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Court Services

7th Judicial District of Kansas

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Court Services

Court Services Officers are responsible for adult and juvenile supervision in misdemeanor and felony probation cases. They regularly perform drug screens, meet with individuals under supervision in the office and community and make sure all conditions imposed by the court are being followed. Court Services Officers also research and write presentence investigation reports which aid the court in determining the sentence a defendant receives.

Probation Information

Community Service Work opportunites are provided by Douglas County Criminal Justice Services. Clients may be assigned community service work as part of a diversion agreement or as a condition of sentencing.

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Electronic monitoring services are provided by Douglas County Criminal Justice Services. House Arrest was created to keep court approved individuals serving a sentence out of custody and living within the community while considering public safety and providing accountability.

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Learn whether your case has been referred to the Court Trustee, how to make payments and if you might qualify for hardship waivers. 

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Presentence Investigation

Transfer of supervision promotes public safety by ensuring that defendants are monitored in the community where they live. It also gives the defendant the opportunity for rehabilitation in his/her community.

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