County Departments


Phone: 785-832-5268

Contact: Contact Administration

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Adult Services

Phone: 785-331-1300

Contact: Contact Adult Services

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Phone: 785-832-5133

Contact: Contact Appraiser

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Behavioral Health

Phone: (785) 551-8747

Contact: Contact Behavioral Health

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Behavioral Health Court

Phone: 785-331-1387

Contact: Contact Behavioral Health Court

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Phone: 785-832-5287

Contact: Contact Budget

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Citizen Review Board

Phone: 785-832-5219

Contact: Contact Citizen Review Board

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Clerk of the District Court

Phone: 785-832-5256

Contact: Contact Clerk of the District Court

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Common Ground

Phone: 785-330-2873

Contact: Contact Common Ground

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Consolidated Fire Department #1

Phone: 785-843-2226

Contact: Contact Consolidated Fire Department #1

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County Clerk

Phone: 785-832-5167

Contact: Contact County Clerk

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County Commission

Phone: 785-832-5268

Contact: Contact County Commission

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Court Services

Phone: 785-832-5218

Contact: Contact Court Services

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Court Trustee

Phone: 785-832-5315

Contact: Contact Court Trustee

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Criminal Justice Coordinating Council

Phone: 785-331-2891

Contact: Contact Criminal Justice Coordinating Council

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Criminal Justice Services

Phone: 785-331-1300

Contact: Contact Criminal Justice Services

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District Attorney

Phone: 785-841-0211

Contact: Contact District Attorney

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District Court

Phone: 785-841-0211

Contact: Contact District Court

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District Court Self-Help

Phone: 785-838-2483

Contact: Contact District Court Self-Help

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Division One

Phone: 785-832-5265

Contact: Contact Division One

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Division Two

Phone: 785-832-5248

Contact: Contact Division Two

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Division Three

Phone: 785-832-5230

Contact: Contact Division Three

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Division Four

Phone: 785-832-5124

Contact: Contact Division Four

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Division Five

Phone: 785-832-5323

Contact: Contact Division Five

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Division Six

Phone: 785-832-5144

Contact: Contact Division Six

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Division Seven

Phone: 785-832-5310

Contact: Contact Division Seven

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Drug Court

Phone: 785-832-5392

Contact: Contact Drug Court

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Emergency Communications 911

Phone: 785-832-5237

Contact: Contact Emergency Communications 911

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Emergency Management

Phone: 785-832-5259

Contact: Contact Emergency Management

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Food Policy Council

Phone: (785) 838-2483

Contact: Contact Food Policy Council

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Geographic Information Systems

Phone: 785-330-2825

Contact: Contact Geographic Information Systems

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Heritage Conservation Council

Phone: 785-330-2878

Contact: Contact Heritage Conservation Council

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Housing and Human Services

Phone: 785-424-5266

Contact: Contact Housing and Human Services

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Human Resources

Phone: 785-832-5327

Contact: Contact Human Resources

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Information Technology (IT)



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Juvenile Division

Phone: 785-832-5118

Contact: Contact Juvenile Division

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Law Library

Phone: (785) 838-2477

Contact: Contact Law Library

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Phone: 785-832-5296

Contact: Contact Maintenance

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Palmyra Fire District #2

Phone: 785-594-6944

Contact: Contact Palmyra Fire District #2

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Pro Tem Division

Phone: 785-330-2817

Contact: Contact Pro Tem Division

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Public Works

Phone: 785-832-5293

Contact: Contact Public Works

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Phone: 785-832-5286

Contact: Contact Purchasing

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Register of Deeds

Phone: 785-832-5282

Contact: Contact Register of Deeds

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Phone: 785-832-5157

Contact: Contact Sustainability

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Phone: 785-832-5273

Contact: Contact Treasurer

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Voting and Elections

Phone: 785-832-5267

Contact: Contact Voting and Elections

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Youth Services

Phone: 785-331-1300

Contact: Contact Youth Services

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Willow Springs Fire District #3

Phone: 785-594-6686


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Zoning and Codes

Phone: 785-331-1343

Contact: Contact Zoning and Codes

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