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Budget and Finance

Budget and Finance is responsible for maintaining the budgets for all taxing entities within Douglas County including the County, Cities, Townships, Cemeteries, Drainage Districts, and Northeast Kansas Library. The Budget office is also responsible for setting all tax mill levies within Douglas County and the tax abstract.

Where Does the Money Go?

Douglas County, Kansas has launched Open Budget Douglas County to offer citizens and community stakeholders with an accessible and user-friendly interactive platform to understand and explore the County’s annual operating budget. The county budget serves as the foundation of the county’s policies and priorities in determining the appropriate use of county tax dollars.

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The Board of County Commissioners is a three-member group of elected officials who proudly represent the citizens of Douglas County, Kansas.  Commissioners serve a four-year term of office.

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Frequently Asked Questions

One mill is $1.00 per 1,000 of assessed valuation.  For a home that is valued at $150,000, the assessed value would be 11.5% or $17,250.  One mill would be $17.25 in tax dollars.

It is a tax based on value, or property tax. 

This is the taxable value of a property.  The rates used are set in the Constitution.  For residential property it is 11.5%, commercial property is 25% and state assessed properties are 33.0%.

The county voters passed a 1.0% countywide sales tax in 1994.  The countywide sales tax goes to the county and cities based on formulas.  The main purpose of this tax for the county was to build a new jail and health facility, and to… Read More

The county follows a calendar year, January to December.

It is reserved as a carry-over to the next year.

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