Local Court Rules and Administrative Orders

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7th Judicial District of Kansas

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Local Court Rules and Administrative Orders

Local Court Rules of the 7th Judicial District Court

All rules can be found inside the Local Rules PDF document

Rule No. 1 Assignment of Cases
Rule No. 2 Court Hours
Rule No. 3 Custody of Court Records
Rule No. 4 Filing Documents in Consolidated Cases
Rule No. 5 Expungement of Sentence/Records
Rule No. 6 Scheduling of Civil Cases
Rule No. 7 Post Judgment Matters
Rule No. 8 Continuances
Rule No. 9 Pretrial Statement
Rule No. 10 Chapter 61 Cases (Limited Civil)
Rule No. 11 Domestic Cases
Rule No. 11.A Custody Evaluation Distribution
Rule No. 12 Appointed Attorneys
Rule No. 13 Audio, Video, and Photographic Recording of Court Proceedings
Rule No. 14 Judicial Building and Courtroom Security
Rule No. 15 Forms of Pleadings and Motions
Rule No. 16 Chambers Copy of Motions and Replies to Motions
Rule No. 17 Office of the District Court Trustee
Rule No. 18 Sureties
Rule No. 19 Extended Juvenile Jurisdiction Prosecution
Rule No. 20 Settlement Conferences
Rule No. 21 Motions for Protective Orders
Rule No. 22 Eviction Cases
Rule No. 23 Courtroom Decorum
Rule No. 24 Jurors - Excusals and Postponements
Rule No. 25 Electronic Filing Requirements
Rule No. 26 Juvenile Offender and CINC Document Distribution
Rule No. 27 District Court Rules
Appendix A Receipt for Court File
Appendix B Receipt for Record on Appeal
Appendix C Payment Voucher
Appendix D Court Trustee Information Form
Appendix E Short Form Domestic Relations Affidavit
Appendix F Domestic Pre-Trial Questionnaire

Local Court Administrative Orders