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Court Records

Requests for court records can be made using an external web application. Click the button below to begin the process.

To search cases, please register for Kansas District Court Public Access Portal Account. You can register using the link below.

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An expungement is the legal process of asking a judge to seal the court record of a previous criminal (or juvenile) offense. 

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They are located in the lobby of the Court Clerk's office, which is in the basement of the Judicial & Law Enforcement Center (JLE).

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User Guide

The Court Records Request Form User's Guide (PDF) contains a lot of helpful information about the records request process, including FAQ, information for attorneys and abstracters, and a list of resources.

The court records request form will result in providing you information generated from multiple sources but does not provide access to the official “court case record”, as defined by Kansas Supreme Court Rule 106B. The court case record constitutes the only reliable, complete and accurate record of the proceedings in a case.

By using this court records request form, you agree to hold Douglas County District Court harmless for any expense or damage resulting from reliance on or use of information obtained by this method. While we strive to provide accurate and useful information in response to these requests, you acknowledge that Douglas County District Court does not warrant the accuracy or completeness of any of the information provided.

Persons conducting background checks, credit checks, or other inquiries to obtain information needed for legal purposes should only use official court case records when attempting to prove or demonstrate complete and accurate information. If you would like to access an official record, please file a Kansas Open Records Act (KORA) request online or in person with the appropriate department or agency. More details on how to file a KORA request can be found at