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Floodplain Management

Douglas County is a participant in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) administered by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

This program provides subsidized flood insurance for all property owners, provided that the local government institutes adequate land use and development control measures for preventing and reducing property damage from flooding. In addition, Douglas County must ensure that projects within the floodplain comply with FEMA regulations and the Douglas County Zoning and Land Use Regulations.

Update 10/5/2022

Douglas County is in the process of obtaining new Floodplain maps from KDA-DWR/FEMA. We are expecting to receive these updates maps by mid-2023. Once Zoning and Codes has more information, we will be mailing property owners who we believe will be impacted.

Floodplain Mapping Tools

Understanding where floodplain exists is the first step for all property owners, developers, and prospective buyers to make informed decisions. Click any of the links below to discover where the floodplain exists in relation to your property:

Douglas County Interactive Floodplain Map

FEMA Floodplain Map Center

Kansas Floodplain Map


FEMA Publications

See the list of floodplain and development related documents published by FEMA.

Zoning Regulations, Mitigation, and Risk Assessment

Want to build/modify an existing structure, build a new structure, or move soil? Check out the interactive map to ensure your property is not in the regulated floodplain. If so, review the floodplain regulations or contact Zoning and Codes.

Zoning Regulations: View the Douglas County Zoning Regulations

Flood Damage Calculator: Determine the amount of damage a single inch of water can do to your property

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Dam Program
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Ambrose Ketter, P.E., Dam Safety Team Leader

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Chris Parsons, Insurance Program Specialist

Mitigation Division

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