Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The Direct Marketing Association Consumer Assistance website contains detailed information about their free Mail and e-Mail Preference Services which are designed to reduce targeted advertising.

To receive less national advertising mail, you can register for the Direct Marketing…

The office of the Douglas County Citizen Review Boards (CRBs) operates a set of six volunteer boards that review Juvenile Court cases involving children in need of care or juvenile offenders. The boards make recommendations to the juvenile court with the goals of providing safe, permanent homes…

The application period for HCC’s annual Natural and Cultural Hertiage Grant program is currently closed. Check back in January for information about the 2025 grant cycle.  

There are a variety of resources available to property owners interested in learning more about how to protect and preserve historic resources. To learn more about this process and the resources that may be available to you, visit our…

In addition to honorific recognition, the primary benefit for listing a property is access to state and federal tax credits and funding opportunities that can greatly offset the cost of future repair and maintenance work that will be done on the property. To learn more about the National…

You can view and/or print a copy of the different fee schedules for Douglas County by visiting the Douglas County Fee Schedule page. This fee schedule contains fees for the following categories…

Adopted resolutions can be found by browsing through the list of Commission Reports and Archives.

For these issues, you can contact your local City Hall:

Baldwin City - City Hall

Eudora City Hall

  • Website:…

Please see the County Commission page under "County Commission District Maps"

Article 11, Section 1 of The Kansas Constitution provides that: Tangible personal property shall be classified into six subclasses and assessed uniformly by subclass at the following assessment percentages:

  • Mobile homes used for residential purposes...11½%
  • Mineral leasehold…

The Douglas County Commission meets regularly at 5:30 p.m. Wednesdays at the County Courthouse (2nd floor) at 1100 Massachusetts Street, Lawrence, KS 66044. If there’s a work session, Commissioners will meet at 4 p.m. on Wednesday before their regular meeting. No action is taken during a work…

Current and upcoming commission meeting, including agendas and minutes, can be found on the Commission Meetings page.

To find your commissioner, please use our Voter Registration Search tool. You can also learn more about each commissioner on the Commission Who We Are page.

Real estate sales price information is not considered open record in Kansas (K.S.A. 79-1437f). A licensed appraiser or real estate broker may be able to help you find the information you seek.

Contact us or the Douglas County Treasurer by email, phone or US Mail and we will update your mailing address.

Contact the Register of Deeds to see if a plat or survey is on file for your property.

Usually a list can be ready in 24 to 48 hours. Special circumstances may require a longer time frame.

The W-9 is an IRS form requesting official information about a vendor. Douglas County, KS uses this information to report vendor payments to the IRS (via 1099M), when required. The W-9 should be completed and returned to Douglas County, not the IRS.

Usually checks are cut and mailed every Thursday after the County Commissioners have met on Wednesday afternoon and approve the Accounts Payable report. Occasionally, holidays or other circumstances change the schedule.

Contact the department with whom you are doing business or Julie Dahlem,, in Accounts Payable.

To receive an order for Protection From Abuse (PFA) under K.S.A. 60-3101 et seq., you will need to file a PFA petition in the Douglas County District Court Clerk's office. Petitions are available in the self-help box outside the Clerk's office, or at the counter located inside the Clerk's office…

You can call your local police department and ask for public assistance. Any law enforcement officer who has a reasonable belief formed upon investigation that a person is a mentally ill person and/or a person with an alcohol and/or substance abuse problem and because of such is likely to cause…

Considerations for selecting a contractor, mechanic or repairman.

1. Homeowners should be especially careful when having work done to their home:

a. If damage is caused by a Kansas storm, homeowners are very anxious to have repairs done as soon as possible. Such…

You can contact your local fire department at:

Baldwin City Fire Department

  • 610 High Street, Baldwin City, Kansas 66006
  • Phone: 785-594-3678

Clinton Township Fire Department

  • 1177 E. 604 Road, Lawrence, Kansas 66047

Eudora Fire…

For these issues, you can contact your local Police Department or the City of Lawrence's Municipal Court/City Prosecutor at:

Baldwin City Police Department

  • Address: 811 8th Street, Baldwin City, Kansas 66006
  • Phone: 785-594-3850
  • Website:…