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Payroll Office

The Douglas County Payroll Office processes payroll for Douglas County employees under the direction of the County Clerk. Currently we process approximately 435 paychecks on a biweekly cycle. Due to some County areas being somewhat seasonal, for example Public Works and Maintenance, the check count may vary during the year.

Services include:

  • Provide customer service to county employees to resolve any questions or issues that may arise concerning salaries and deductions.
  • Provide detailed information of federal & state payroll regulations.
  • Reconcile payroll withholdings and expenses from payroll system reports to general ledger accounts & billing statements.
  • Process and comply with Court Order wage assignments. Remit withholdings to the agency as requested in the orders.
  • Withhold other deductions such as health insurance, athletic club, KPERS, KPF, life insurance and United Way donations are withheld by the Payroll Department and forwarded to the appropriate 3rd party.
  • Gather and report of all payroll taxes to local, state and Federal agencies as per agency specification.
  • Process quarterly and annual wage and tax reports and remittances. W-2's are processed annually through the payroll office.

Forms to change Federal and/or State tax withholding, direct deposit and other forms regarding miscellaneous payroll deductions are available by request, email forms are available. After completion they should be forwarded to the payroll department for processing.

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