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Partially filled-out applications will be stored for up to 7 days after the initial account creation. After 7 days, you're application would be deleted from our system, and you would then need to fill out a new application.

No. Once you've submitted your application to a job opening with a specific Job ID, you cannot re-apply to that same job opening. You can however track the status of that job opening under the 'Job Tracker' section on your application's home page.

No applications that are mailed, faxed, or brought into the Personnel Dept. will be accepted unless extenuating circumstances exist.

You can put one or more jobs next to "Job(s) applied for" at the top-left of the paper application. Therefore, you are not required to fill out one application for each position applied for.

After the initial account creation, you will then have up to 7 days to complete your application and apply for at least one position. Otherwise, you're application will be deleted from our system, and you would then need to fill out a new application.

To apply for one or more positions with Douglas County, Kansas, you must: View Current Job Openings Review jobs by visiting the 'Current Job Openings' page. Apply Online Apply online by visiting the 'Online Employment Application' page.

You can track the status of all job opening that you've previously applied for under the 'Job Tracker' section on the very bottom of your application's home page.

To get help with the Online Employment Application, you can contact the Human Resources at

Yes. You can always review and edit your application as long as it's stored in our system. It is suggested that you complete all editing *before* submitting it to a job opening.

Your Online Employment Application will be stored indefinitely as long as you continue to apply for new positions with Douglas County, Kansas.

There are four sections to the one-page Online Employment Application, including: 1: Job Application includes:   Contact Info Questionnaire Driver's License Info (optional) Availability Employment Experience (optional) Educational Experience (optional) References (optional) Drug Screening…

 Required settings include: JavaScript enabled and an up-to-date browser version.

The Online Employment Application is a way for applicants to fill out and indefinitely store their employment application online with the Douglas County Personnel Division, as long as it has been completed and submitted.

You can get started on your own Online Employment Application by visiting the Online Employment Application: Login Page. You will need the following information to complete your application: Contact Information, Answers to Questionnaire, Availability, Answer to Drug Screening Question, and…