Division One

Division One

7th Judicial District of Kansas

District Court / Division One

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Hours: Mon-Fri, 8 am - 5 pm

Judge Amy Hanley

Felony matters

Accessing a Hearing via Youtube for Division 1

7th Judicial District Court - YouTube

Scheduling dockets are broadcast live on the District Court YouTube channel. 

The hearings are viewable only while they are occurring live. Screenshots or recording not allowed.

Specific Docket Information

Division 1 Criminal Docket

Wednesday at 9:00 AM

Defendants and attorneys may appear by Zoom or in-person.  For Zoom connection information, contact the Division 1 administrative assistant.

Division Staff Contact Information

Kris Knowles

Administrative Assistant

Phone: (785) 832-5265


Donna Lytle

Court Reporter

Phone: (785) 832-5234

Judicial and Law Enforcement Center

111 E 11th St
Lawrence, KS 66044
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Judicial and Law Enforcement Center