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Citizen Review Board (CRB)

Citizen Review Board sealCitizen Review Boards consist of volunteer members that review the status of cases involving children for both the child welfare and juvenile court system. Members are people in the community who volunteer to be appointed by the Chief Judge to serve. Douglas County has a sufficient number of cases that we actually have a total of five boards consisting of up to six members per board. 

Volunteering Opportunities

You may be able to apply your talents and interests to assist the Douglas County Citizen Review Board (CRB) in a variety of ways.  Prospective volunteers for board membership should read the Volunteer Position Description (PDF format), which explains the appointment procedure. No such description or outline applies to skill specific volunteers, since their tasks are more varied and not statutorily defined. You will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader to open these documents. We are looking forward to visiting with skilled Office Suite users. 

Either way, please submit an application to be a CRB Board Volunteer (PDF format). You will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader to open these documents. You may save the application electronically and submit them via e-mail to

After your information is received, CRB staff will reach out to you to set up a discussion and start an interview process. Additionally, paperwork will be required during the applicant screening process, including necessary background checks. 

Frequently Asked Questions

By Kansas law, CRB is to review the case of a child who is the subject of a Child In Need of Care (CINC) petition filed by the District Attorney’s office.  CINC cases can be filed by the District Attorney for a variety of reasons, including abuse, neglect, and truancy.

At the scheduled date and time, CRB members receive verbal information from all parties with pertinent information about the cases.  CRB members prepare for the meeting in advance and create questions for participants at the CRB based on the information in the court's case file which the CRB Director provides.

Volunteers are recruited, screened, trained and supervised by a CRB Director, who is a paid staff member. Each Citizen Review Board may have three to seven members.  In Douglas County, the District Court administers the CRB program and supervises the CRB Director.

CRB applicants must:

  • be a least 18 years old;
  • reside in the judicial district in which they apply to serve;
  • have a special interest in children;
  • complete a written application asking for educational background, employment history, and personal experience with child abuse and neglect;
  • provide three references;
  • successfully complete an interview; 
  • pass background checks;
  • complete at least 12 hours of specialized training; 
  • be approved & selected by CRB Director; and
  • be appointed & swear or affirm an oath of office and appointment by the judge.


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