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Emergency Management

Emergency Management

DCEM Annual Report

Welcome to the Douglas County, Kansas Emergency Management Annual Report page. Here you will find links to current and past Annual Reports.


Letter from the Directors: 2023 Annual Report

Agency Partners and Stakeholders,

We are pleased to present the Douglas County Department of Emergency Management (DCEM) 2023 Annual Report. We want to acknowledge and thank Emergency Management staff and volunteers for their unrivaled commitment to Douglas County and all the work they do behind the scenes. We would also like to take the opportunity to thank county leadership and the Board of County Commissioners for their continued support of our programs, which allows DCEM the ability to meet our mission objectives in support of the safety and well-being of our community, employees, students, and visitors as we strive to improve resiliency through comprehensive emergency management practices.

DCEM made tremendous progress toward meeting the goals and objectives identified in our 2023– 2024 Strategic Plan, while staying true to our core values of communication, dedication, accountability, organization, community/partner engagement, outreach, and collaboration. We will continue to strive to meet our aspirational values of inclusion, vision, leadership, and professional development.

2023 brought about significant change for the department thanks to the American Rescue Act (ARPA) funding. We added an alternate Emergency Operations Center and upgrades to the outdoor warning siren system which allows Douglas County to have the most redundant siren system in the State of Kansas. Additional completed ARPA projects included replacing the DCEM vehicle and trailer. In 2024 DCEM will make substantial upgrades to the primary EOC with ARPA funding.

With the support of a Hazardous Materials Emergency Planning (HMEP) grant, DCEM contracted with a consultant to conduct a gap analysis of the EM program. We are grateful to the many partners and agencies who participated and provided valuable feedback. The analysis identified program strengths and areas for improvement which will help to improve DCEM’s policies, procedures, and programs.

In September, DCEM in collaboration with the County Information Technology Department conducted a cybersecurity exercise for County Department Heads. The exercise improvement plan will aid departments with closing gaps to ensure continuity of government.

Our work in 2023 has positioned DCEM well as we move forward into 2024 and beyond. Through collaboration and partnerships with internal and external organizations, the county is better prepared today to respond to and recover from any type of emergency or disaster.

Robert Bieniecki, KCEM, CPM - Director
Jillian Rodrigue, KCEM, CPM - Deputy Director


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