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Paper Recordings

This page contains recording requirements for the Register of Deeds Department of Douglas County, Kansas via paper recordings.

  • Font style used should be easy to read. For microfilm and preservation purposes, the minimum font size we will accept is 8 point (prefer larger).
  • Document must be an original. Copies cannot be accepted.
  • Document must be of sufficient legibility to produce a clear reproduction.
  • Document must be signed and notarized and must include notary seal and expiration date, when applicable.
  • If a document is to be associated with and indexed on a specific parcel, it must contain the full legal description of the parcel.
  • If a document is to reference and be indexed in association with a previously recorded document, it must contain the book and page of the previous document.
  • Recording fees will be assessed in accordance with fee schedule.
  • Recording fees are required at time of filing the document.
  • When recording a deed or an affidavit of equitable interest, a Sales Validation Questionnaire (SVQ) is required to accompany the filing. For your convenience, the one-part form can be downloaded here: Sales Validation Questionnaire.
  • In the case of certain transfers of title, an exemption statement typed on the deed may replace a SVQ. Transfers of title that do not require a SVQ are listed on the back of the SVQ form.
  • We accept the originally recorded document with necessary corrections, new signatures, and new notarization included; or:
  • We accept the originally recorded document with necessary corrections and an attached Refile Affidavit.  All instructions on the affidavit must be followed.
  • For a copy of the Refiled Document Affidavit, please download/print: Refiled Document Affidavit (PDF format).
  • Recording Fees will be assessed in accordance with fee schedule.  Be advised, re-recorded documents may contain different page counts than originally recorded documents.