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Small Claims Information

In many situations, you can file a Small Claims lawsuit against an individual or a business if you are not seeking damages of more than $4,000 and if you want to work without an attorney. 

About the Process

Small claims cases are filed in the Clerk of the District Court's Office, using forms available in the lobby. An instruction booklet, which details filing and post-judgment procedures, can be obtained in the Clerk's office or online at Small Claims Procedure (PDF format).

The filing fee depends on the amount of damages for which you are suing. For damages up to $500, the filing fee is $47.50. For damages of $500.01-$4000, the filing fee is $67.50.

There is a separate fee for the Sheriff to serve the defendant(s) which is $15 per address. This must be submitted to the Clerk as a separate check or money order.

See Representing Yourself in Court for related information.

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