Filing a Protest


Filing a Protest

Procedures for contesting the value of your home in Douglas County, Kansas. If you disagree with the value the county has placed on your home, you may file a payment under protest with your payment. Filing this form is the first step in the value change process.

How do I know if I can file a protest?

You may only protest your taxes if you did not file an equalization appeal of the valuation of the same property for the same tax year. If you have protested your first half payment of taxes, you may not protest your second half payment.


What are some general instructions and steps for filing a protest?

  1. Complete the Payment Under Protest Application (PDF) and file a copy with the County Treasurer's Office on or before December 20th if paying first half taxes, or by May 10th if paying second half taxes. (If an escrow agent is paying these taxes, a protest must be filed no later then the following January 31st). If taxes are paid after these deadlines, a protest of the taxes must be filed at the time the taxes are paid.
  2. If you mailed in your form, a copy of the form along with the receipt will be mailed back to you. This will indicate that we have received your form.
  3. The County Appraiser will contact you to schedule an informal meeting. It can either be over the phone, or in person. If you have questions regarding this scheduling, please contact 785-832-5133 for real estate and 785-832-5289 for personal property.
  4. When you receive notification of the results from the informal hearing, if you disagree with those results, you will have 30 days from the mailing date of that notification within which to file an appeal with the Small Claims Division or the Regular Division of the State Board of Tax Appeals. The county will include a form and filing instructions for filing to the State Board of Tax Appeals with your notification of hearing results.
  5. If the Appraiser reduces the value, the adjusted amount plus interest (as set by the State), will be refunded to you. This complete process normally takes four to six weeks to complete.